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Europe’s Rocking

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  • RBR6008
Artikel erscheint am 11.12.2020. Grossartiger Sampler mit BB & The Blues Shacks, Black... mehr
Produktinformationen "Europe’s Rocking"

Artikel erscheint am 11.12.2020.

Grossartiger Sampler mit BB & The Blues Shacks, Black Patti, Bonita & The Blues Shacks, Little Victor, etc.

“Rhythm Bomb Records the sister label of Atomicat and Koko Mojo have with a heavy heart compiled this various artist CD album Europe’s Rocking(RBR 6008) with virtually no involvement from Great Britain. This is not our choice, for we have numerous artists from the country on our roster.

This sad state has arisen due to the difficult political situation, and we and all rockin’ people have one wish and we shout it loud “Great Britain; please come back with us, we miss you, we want you, and we all need each other.”

This album is put together by Rhythm Bomb’s founder Ralph Braband, and of the twenty recordings, the album includes eighteen Europe based acts. Two acts are affiliated with Great Britain, the French and English trio, The Nut Jumpers, and the American traveling Blues boy, Little Victor.

Most certainly Rhythm Bomb promotion CD’s, namely the Perfect For Parties series have gained a reputation for show-casing quality acts and due to budget pricing, this allows people to venture into new musical territory. This CD album is no exception to the rule and the artists themselves provide the songs and you can bet your bottom Dollar they are A-plus songs!

Musically there is an across the board mixture of styles, including; Old School and Wild Rockabilly, jiving Rock ‘n’ Roll, and some traditional and hard-driving Blues.

Our albums have; stunning design, sleeve notes, and the songs are mastered for the best possible sound. The disc is housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. You are listening to quality music and preserving the future!

Dee Jay Mark Armstrong, Bühl, Germany 


01 The Hoodoo Tones - Who Thinks About Me (Dabkowski/Fleurquin/Bolle)
02 The Ramblin Bandits - Stone Cold Mamma (Ramblin Bandits)
03 Twisted Rod - Im Gone (Nesvadba)
04 Dusty Dave & The Heart Attacks - Love-Hate (Förster/Brodbeck)
05 AJ & The Rockin' Trio - Done Me Wrong (Joaquim)
06 Ray Allen - Jersey Pearl (Wauer)
07 Vince and The Sun Boppers - Mama Little Chicky (Mannino)
08 Eddie And The Headstarts - Feels So Good (Chopin)
09 Fireball Steven - Thunder a Lightning (Boatman)
10 The Kokomo Kings - Fooled By The City Lights (Lanshammar)
11 Little Victor - So Blue (Mac)
12 Black Patti - Nagging Blues (Black Patti)
13 Cat Lee King & His Cocks - You're The Greatest (Cat Lee King)
14 The Jelly Roll Men - Come Back Home To Me (Erik)
15 B.B. & The Blues Shacks - Oh Little Girl (Arlt/Arlt)
16 Egidio "Juke" Ingala & The Jacknives - Little Ann (Ingala)
17 Bonita & The Blues Shacks - Hottest Wing In Town (Arlt/Niessen/Arlt)
18 Ray Black & The Flying Carpets - Better Way To Move (Baziany)
19 The Nut Jumpers - No Good, No Good (Calypso)
20 SaraLee - Love Is Good (Mustonen/Vaajoensuu)


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