MvM & Bluesoul - New Road

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Groove Stew
Produktinformationen "MvM & Bluesoul - New Road"

2012 - Groove Stew Records


1. New road
2. Gravy
3. Darkest night
4. Call my name
5. Next trouble to come
6. Hooked
7. Road to ruin
8. Blue feeling
9. I still believe
10. Don't want to know
11. Diddley bow
12. Love is blind
13. Lucky as hell
14. Will love find me again 

Recorded at “Skinny Joe´s Roof”, Oldenburg, Germany, December 2011. Engineered & mixed by Jochen Bens. Mastered by Jaap Berends
Produced by Bluesoul

Michael van Merwyk - Vocals, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Lapsteels, Weissenborn, Diddley Bow;
Jochen Bens - Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Resonator Guitar, Banjo, Backing vocals;
Olli Gee - Bass;
Bernhard Weichinger - Drums, Percussion
Additional Musicians: Martin Esser - Percussion

„Germany isn’t traditionally a hotbed of the blues: too clean, too ordered. But it seems in Michael Van Merwyk & Bluesoul there has emerged a band who wouldn’t be out of place in the down’n’dirty Delta. The title track and album opener embodies the band itself: uncompromising, hypnotic and atmospheric. The musicianship is impeccable on this album, van Merwyck’s lapsteel playing as incisive as a surgeon’s knife. Indeed, there is something clinical about the way this band execute their music, a lack of thrills despite their spectacular playing. This is no bad thing however, as the band’s distinctive sound shines through on an eclectic collection of tracks, from the funky ‘Gravy’, to the blues ballad ‘Hooked’. There are only two covers on this album, and they the lowest points in an otherwise fine output; Charlie Musselwhite’s ‘Blue Feeling Today’ is lifeless on here, and a decidedly unwise interpretation of John Martyn’s exquisite ‘Don’t Want To Know’ – where van Merwyk’s vocal pastiche of the late folk singer brings into stark focus the German’s quite bland voice – just feels incongruous. There is much to recommend here, and if you like your blues with a twist, then “New Road” could be for you.“
Adam Bates / 

"Michael van Merwyk & Bluesouls "New Road" ist ganz großes Kino. Vom ersten bis zum letzten Track sorgt man für Hörfreude und zeigt, wie groß das Dach des Blues sein kann. Hier stimmt von der Atmosphäre über die Gitarren-Kunst bis hin zum famosen Songwriting einfach alles. Hats off!"

Erscheinungsjahr: 2012
Format: CD
Künstler: MvM & Bluesoul