Lockdown Sessions II - Various Artists

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CrossCut Records
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2020 -CrossCut Records


Presenting you this album is bittersweet. None of us, in our wildest dreams, would have guessed we would be making Volume II of the Lockdown Sessions two years later! So, I guess it is fair to say that this is the album we all hoped we wouldn’t make. On the other hand, Volume II has risen even higher and faster than Volume I, featuring amazing music by some fantastic artists from around the world. Music that would never have been made otherwise! 
It is also interesting to see how the musicians have adapted in the meantime. Most have had to acquire skills that allow them to record remotely, stream, market themselves digitally etc. Whereas Volume I had numerous tracks recorded on mobile phones, this Volume illustrates what can now be achieved in home recording studios, something that was unthinkable even a few years ago. I remember recording my first tracks on a dictaphone many years ago and thinking how incredible it was! 
Once again, the musicians stepped up to the plate and delivered in spades! In addition to some repeat offenders from Volume I, we now have fresh faces from South Africa, Germany, Finland, Spain, Italy, France and the US. It has again been a fun, exhausting, humbling, exciting, creative and wonderful experience. In what has been an extremely difficult two years for musicians, and many others, these recordings show that working together and collaborating towards a common goal can lead to amazing results and bring people closer together, if not necessarily physically. 
To all musicians – may there be brighter days sooner than we think, when we get together on stages in real life! To the folks over at CrossCut Records and Bear Family Records – thanks for supporting us once again! To Michael van Merwyk, not only for his unique music, but for spending hours making this booklet and cover look as amazing as they do! 
Many thanks to all for your tireless efforts and sense of community in difficult times. Stay well everyone. 
Roger C. Wade 
01. Cheatin‘ And Lyin‘ - Till Seidel, Tommy Schneller, Nico Dreier, Henning Hauerken, Andre Werkmeister
02. Sonny Boy Jumps Again - Egidio Juke Ingala, Marion Wade, T-Man Michalke, Jaska Prepula, Micha Maass
03. Rambler‘s Blues - Franck L. Goldwasser, Roger C. Wade, Jaska Prepula
04. Isolation - Bonita Niessen, Marion Wade, Balta Bordoy, Nico Dreier, Tommy Schneller, Jaska Prepula, Micha Maass
05. Lucky Man - Roger C. Wade, Egidio Juke Ingala, Balta Bordoy, Andreas Arlt, Henning Hauerken, Micha Maass
06. It Is What It Is - Aki Kumar, Jaska Prepula, Dirk Vollbrecht, Micha Maass
07. Harpin‘ Awhile - Egidio Juke Ingala, Roger C. Wade, Balta Bordoy, Henning Hauerken, Alex Lex
08. Made Up My mind - Kai Strauss, Marion Wade, Tommy Schneller, Jaska Prepula, Andre Werkmeister
09. Liars And Fools - Michael van Merwyk, Egidio Juke Ingala
10. Hay Fever Man - Bonita Niessen, Bob Corritore, Marion Wade, T-Man Michalke, Jaska Prepula, Andre Werkmeister
11. Tell Me Why - Roger C. Wade, T-man Michalke, Jaska Prepula, Micha Maass
12. Born To Lose - Till Seidel, Nico Dreier, Henning Hauerken, Andre Werkmeister
13. Take One Boogie, Take One - Andreas Arlt, Roger C. Wade

CD 2
01. Look At Me - Egidio Juke Ingala, Andreas Arlt, Marion Wade, Jaska Prepula, Andre Werkmeister
02. Just One More Week - Franck L. Goldwasser, Nico Dreier, Marion Wade, Jaska Prepula, Alex Lex
03. Saxtrain - Tommy Schneller, Nico Dreier, Balta Bordoy, Dirk Vollbrecht, Alex Lex
04. All Because Of You - Michael van Merwyk, Aki Kumar, Jaska Prepula, Alex Lex
05. Come Back Home To Me - Roger C. Wade, Jaska Prepula, Alex Lex
06. Sittin‘ Here Drinkin‘ - Kai Strauss, Bob Corritore
07. The Teaser - Franck L. Goldwasser, Roger C. Wade, Andreas Arlt, Jaska Prepula, Andre Werkmeister
08. Mary Ann - Roger C. Wade, Jaska Prepula, Till Seidel
09. Youngblood Guitar - Till Seidel, T-man Michalke, Dirk Vollbrecht, Andre Werkmeister
10. Springtime Swing - Tommy Schneller, Marion Wade, Nico Dreier, Andreas Arlt, Jaska Prepula, Andre Werkmeister
11. Blues Everywhere I Go - Michael van Merwyk, Roger C. Wade
12. A Plea To Be Free - Aki Kumar, Kai Strauss, Jaska Prepula, Andre Werkmeister
13. Love Is Always Raining On Me - Marion Wade, Tommy Schneller, Bonita NIESSEN
Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
Format: CD
Künstler: MvM, Various Artists