Delta Boys - Front Porch Stories

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Groove Stew
Produktinformationen "Delta Boys - Front Porch Stories"

2011 - Groove Stew

The "Front Porch" is a place where music is played, taught and learned from one musician to another - no matter if you play Blues, Folk, Country or whatever comes to mind. A place, where real people communicate through music and stories.

Everybody has his own life with stories about love and loss, about joy and pain, about sunshine and the end it´s all about the song, about keeping the story alive....probably change it here and there to put your own personality into the song.

The Delta Boys turn every stage into a "Front Porch", where the music is played live, acoustic and with lot´s of soul. You can dance, clown, drink, party, listen, have fun or look for romance, they deliver the Soundtrack to a nice and soulful time.

Strong beat, big voices, wailin´ harmonica and a bunch of good songs, that´s what the Delta Boys are all about. Listen and enjoy!

1. 29 ways 
2. circumstances 
3. big fat mamas 
4. coffee 
5. in the dark 
6. i don`t wanna know 
7. memo`s swing 
8. bad blues
9. i wonder why 
10. going down the road 
11. i can see clearly now 
12. voodoo music 
13. nobody knows me
14. singing waterfall
15. dark & stormy night 
16. corina 
17. smile & walk 
18. tennessee waltz 
19. easy my pain 

The Delta Boys are: Gerd Gorke - Vocals, Harp Michael van Merwyk - Vocals, Guitar, Dobro, Weissenborn

Recorded on 30.07.2010 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Cine Event Studio

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Peter Pässler

Erscheinungsjahr: 2011
Format: CD
Künstler: Delta Boys